Animals, like humans, experience stress. Often their stress is from a past trauma. Finding a loving home can definitely help, and sometimes it is all that is needed to erase the fears, sadness caused by past experiences. Yet for some it is not enough. We can understand this when we think how some humans who have experienced trauma in their past, such as an abusive childhood or a car accident, or the trauma from fighting in a war—even though it’s no longer happening to them, they are still being affected emotionally. Though the abuse is no longer happening, even though they are in a safe environment now—sometimes it is not enough and they need outside help to be free of those memories.

Susan, a client from Wisconsin contacted me the other week to say they had a new member in the family—Hank, a cat who had been a long-time resident at a humane society. Although he been in their loving home for a few months, Susan sensed “something was off”. We agreed that he might need some help to let go of past trauma. A weeks after two healing sessions for Hank, Susan emailed me the following:

“Right now Hank is looking out the door very alertly, jerking his head to see whatever is moving out there. Before he would just sit there passively. He”s acting more “cat like” now instead of withdrawn. He’s running around, batting at the air, playing with the puppy. He came on a walk with me outside, followed along with the rest of the gang. He seems a bit more chipper and is interacting with us. My husband even noticed, saying that Hank has ‘come out of his shell’. Things seem good!! Thanks!  Susan and Hank

I am so happy for all of them. We all need help now and then.

Be well, Bonnie

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