Meet Bonnie Illies, animal intuitive and pet healer
As an Animal Intuitive, Bonnie Illies will identify the root cause of the physical symptom or behavioral concern. As a gifted Animal Healer, Bonnie will help your companion heal from emotional or physical ailments through energy healing and diet.
Real answers, measurable results.
After one healing, our dog Nestle no longer had difficulty getting up and down. She also just had more life in her. It was wonderful to see!
— Dr. Michael Johnson, Plymouth, MN
Taz is a new creature of happiness and curiosity… thank you for sharing your gifts.
— Carrie Ann Inaba, Dancing with the Stars Judge, Studio City, CA
My cat, Tigger, is now happier and healthier. I was so impressed with Bonnie’s combination of intuition and practical advice!
— Lynn Jaffee, Licensed Acupuncturist, St. Louis Park, MN
The change in Max is amazing! It’s his old body but inside is a new dog!
— Cathie Parker, Bridel, Luxembourg
I am an NIH funded physician scientist with more than 300 published scientific papers, so you can imagine my initial skepticism. However, from direct observation I can say that Bonnie’s work works.
— Dr. Michael Mauer, Minneapolis, MN
I have seen amazing results from her work with my clients’ animals and my own.
— Ann Platt, Owner of Pets Are Inn, Minneapolis, MN

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