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Thank you so much for your interest in my services! I’d love to talk about your animal or discuss speaking engagements.

Please note that I do not wish to learn anything about your animal’s condition prior to a consultation. If you are interested in contacting me about a question or appointment, choose one of these three methods:

– complete the form on this page (or)
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– call 952.292.7478

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On-going Clients –  $95/healing (usually no consultation needed)

New Clients – Initial Consultation $145
You and your animal friend’s first session with Bonnie is a phone consultation. It is similar to meeting with a doctor for the first time for an evaluation prior to receiving treatment. Bonnie prefers not to be told anything up front about your animal friend’s condition. 

The initial consultation usually takes an hour. During this session Bonnie will:

  • Share what she “sees” as the root of your animal friend’s condition (prior to you telling her).
  • Advise what you can do that may be helpful for your animal companion.
  • Discuss diet, often with specific proteins/vegetables recommended. Bonnie does not believe “one size fits all” especially when an animal is sick, which often contributes to the animal not eating.
  • Set up an appointment for an energy/healing session ($145 for first healing; $95 for additional/future sessions). All healing sessions include one or more follow-ups.

With each step of the treatment plan, you should be seeing improvement. Bonnie is with you throughout the process with regular phone follow-ups and advice. With over 25 years of experience, Bonnie has helped thousands of animals who have suffered with chronic and serious conditions.

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