Shadow, a 10-year old Shepherd/Husky mix from Forest Lake, MN, had resorted to the bunny hop to do stairs the last two years after being in a car accident.  Drugs didn’t work, and chiropractic had made it worse.  Her “mom” said that Shadow, besides needing to bunny hop up the stairs:

– couldn’t put weight on rear-right leg
– she couldn’t rest because of the pain even when on drugs
– tentative on different walking surfaces

An hour after one healing session, Shadow walked up the stairs.  In following up with her “mom” a week later,  I am told that all, all of the above symptoms are gone also.  Needless to say, the client is happy!

Usually it would take at least two healing sessions, which is the norm for a brand new case, yet every once in awhile it’ll be this huge miracle.  (And in full disclosure, of course, sometimes I cannot help at all which is 1% of my cases.)

Shadow is now walking & doing stairs with ease, able to sleep, and off ALL drugs!

Thank you to Katie K-9 for having me on her show where Shadow’s “mom” found me to help her dog suffering for almost two years.

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