We have all been told to eat our vegetables. Dogs and cats like them too. In fact, asparagus is my cats’ favorite. Dogs and cats have always eaten grass—their vegetable of choice. With domestication, they are often unable to get it. Often animals will start chewing houseplants in an attempt to get their greens. It’s not good for our plants and not for the animals either especially since some plants are dangerous for them to be eating. People often believe that grass is not healthy for their animals. In my onion, the only time it is not good for them is if the grass has been chemically treated or the lawns nearby have been.

Cats especially need the benefits of grass to aid in digestion—without it they are more prone to hairballs, vomiting, and other digestive issues. I received an email from a client the other day about her cat:

“I had forgotten to do the grass that you suggested. I remembered on Monday and dug up a little patch of about five stalks. He was out of the closet before I could even set the container on the floor. “Mowed” is a good word for what he did to the grass.”

When you eat your vegetables, share with your animals. And also consider providing them with what they would be eating in the wild—grass

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