In my attempts to relieve sugar cravings, I chew sugarless gum.  One day as I went through the checkout at the store with my stash of gum, the clerk commented on the amount.  Besides considering I may need to buy my stash at a different store, I also considered the amount I’m chewing daily, realizing it’s been ramping up.

I started thinking that with the amount I chew, this is not a good thing as these gums made out of chemicals.  I decided to Google about the dangers of chewing gum.  I didn’t see anything about the danger for humans, but I admit I got sidetracked as I came across numerous sites discussing that these sugarless gums are dangerous for dogs.  As an animal  healer, I want to make sure your animal friend is safe.

“The U.S. Poison Control Center reports that dogs poisoned by xylitol is up 142 percent since 2005 and is said to now be the number one cause of death by poison in dogs”.

As a reminder, here are other items that are not good for dogs:
grapes or raisins
chocolate, cocoa
Macadamia nuts

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