‘There is a cat named Pookie living in Texas with her humans Bill and Cyndi. I first “met” them in 2010 and the concern was Pookie dealing with asthma. After two or three healing sessions, Pookie was doing well. A diagnosis of asthma or any other illness does not mean a life sentence nor a life on drugs.

Over the past few years Pookie (now at 17 years) has had some other issues—stiffness, digestion issues—and yet after one or two healing sessions, Bill and Cyndi will report that Pookie is once again doing well and back to playing with her toy mouse! I believe Ms. Pookie is doing well at 17 years because when she has a health concern, her people call me for energy work versus stressing Pookie’s body with drugs. Here is the latest report from Bill & Cyndi:

“Hi Bonnie, I just wanted to let you know that Ms. Pookie”s continued to improve since we last spoke/e-mailed. She”s been eating small meals regularly and is back to a more usual routine. By last week, Bill saw her chase her mouse toy (a short run or two), then –Surprise!– the next morning after eating she batted the mouse and did SIX long sprints, including one complete circuit of the sofa at full speed, with a dive through the obstacle course of legs on a small end table. She seems to be feeling much better, as by this week she was back up on the bed (we have a chest at the end she uses as a step) and the sofa, mostly without help. Thanks again for taking such good care of us.

Pookie will be 17 years on July 15, so she is doing amazingly well and pretty spry, all things considered. 🙂 A little stiff in the back end, but she”s careful to situate herself before jumping up or down–gets the right angle and goes for it. Attached is a photo of Pookie in her “pink house,” the place she goes for peace and quiet or a nice warm spot to snooze in. (She pooh-poohed the idea that red-heads don”t look good in pink.) It”s her travel home (and she”s done quite a bit of that!), so I think she sneaks in a road trips while she”s dreaming. Have a wonderful Independence Day and a good weekend! Just wanted to let you to know how things are, send the pink house photo we promised, and say thanks again for your help with good health. Pookie”s “in the pink” literally and figuratively.”

See FB to see Pookie in her pink house

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