It’s Friday afternoon with most people winding down their work week.  From all outward appearances it looks the same here as there are no more appointments for the day.  But inwardly I cannot “close shop” because of a dog in Washington.  A dog who is panting, shivering, and no longer eating.  This dog has seen several vets who did numerous tests, prescribed a variety of drugs and alternative therapies to no relief or answers for this little dog.  I was then called.

As an animal healer, I am often called when nothing else has helped, and more times than not, the animal responds extremely well to energy work.  But this was not the case this time.  It is painful when I cannot help an animal knowing that this dog continues to struggle. I question “why”—why can’t I help this particular dog?  Over the years there have been those cases I can’t help even though they may have an issue I’ve helped many animals with in the past.

I realize that most of us believe that if we knew “why” it would make it easier for our various challenges in life.  I can accept that maybe there is something to be learned by each of us in those situations in our life when we struggle with the “why”, but as an animal healer, I find it more painful when an animal suffers amidst the “why”.

Happy weekend to you and your animal companions!

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