Some clients contact me, Animal Intuitive and Animal Healer, about emotional/behavioral concerns with their animal friend but most cases are about health issues.During a follow-up call after a healing session, a client will often comment that not only has the physical/health symptom been resolved, but will also mention how certain fears have stopped or greatly improved for their animal companion.Especially with summer, clients note improvement with thunderstorms.

Recently a client in Massachusetts contacted me about her arthritic 13-year old dog,  After the first healing she reported that Tifa jumped straight up on the couch, and a few days later when a thunderstorm rolled in, she emailed:

“…Tifa was quivering a little bit, but not nearly the big shakes she used have…she wasn’t really THAT scared this time. WOW! That is just great to me that her fears were eased yesterday.  Also, she has had separation anxiety when I leave before too, and  yesterday, it sounds like she was better with that as well, because my mother said she “just went to the door and howled a little bit, but she wasn’t that bad with that issue either.” –DeAnna Wells

Brooke, a client from Minnesota contacted me about her dog, Roxy, who was always searching for water and drinking excessively.With the healing sessions, Roxy’s need to search for water lessened as did her fears of thunderstorms.Brooke says that Roxy will still appear nervous at the start of a storm but able to settle down.In the past if a storm happened in the middle of the night, Roxy would pace and there would be no more sleep for Roxy or Brooke.

With these cases, I often tease the client that I will need to charge double since the animal healing helped with the fears in addition to the health concern that they contacted me about.

With energy work and diet, bodies and minds function better.

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