‘Spring according to Chinese Medicine is the liver season.  Your animal may experience a flare up in symptoms at this time if during our consultation I mentioned liver as the root.  These symptoms include:  allergies, bile, eye issues, digestion.

With spring being a more active time for the liver can be enough to stir up liver issues, but then this is often impacted by doing more chemicals–heartworm, flea/tick, lawn treatments, etc.

Your animal friend may need a treatment (tune up) with healing work as we all need a little help at times.  What is also helpful:

– more exercise (good for any body, especially liver issues)
– may want to go back to the liver diet I recommended
– stay away from vaccinating and other pharmaceuticals including flea/tick products

Recently I learned about a flea/tick/mosquito product called Shoo Tag.  It is for humans and animals.   Give it a try as it would be much easier on your animal”s body versus chemicals

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