The past few days it has been intensely warm; oh, let me say how it really is–HOT in this part of the country. Living without air conditioning, I have a great appreciation of others who do not have air and that includes animals.

Consider all the animals that live in buildings–the factory farm animals. I cannot speak for all of them, but I am certain that most, if not all, do not have air conditioning in those barns. And they do not have windows to let in air. As an example, a chicken farmer whom I have witnessed has approximately 63,000 chickens in one barn and all they have to regulate the heat are large fans. Today I have four fans going in my small home (approxly. 1500 sq. ft.) which I share with my cats, and we are struggling to keep cool. Imagine, what these factory farm animals are experiencing who are surrounded with others (all that body heat of others) inside an aluminum type building–no windows, no access to the outdoors, no air conditioning.

I have decided I have no right to complain about the heat, and I need to focus on what I can do to help. Therefore, I’m keeping the birdbath filled with water plus a large tub of water that MAYBE the deer will use. Of course, make sure that your own home-bound animals have plenty of water and brush them to remove excess fur.

I have another suggestion–if you are not a vegetarian, consider supporting the organic farmer versus corporations (factory farmers). Buy organic eggs and meats as these animals are usually allowed to roam and have’

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