A negative test result does NOT mean that there is nothing wrong physically.  Yet often a negative test result will lead the vet to diagnose the animal as having an emotional or behavioral issue.  I have worked with many animals viewed that way and yet I could “see” there was a health issue.  With a healing session or two and possibly a change of diet, the animal’s so-called behavioral symptoms were alleviated.

Not everything shows on a test every time. Do we not all know a friend or relative whose pain or illness did not show on a test???  Often the tests may be negative for months before it finally reveals the concern and by then the issue has been brewing for months, sometimes years.

Naturally, there are times when the animal’s issue is emotionally based. Recently a new client called upset as her eight-month old cat had been peeing outside the box.  Because nothing showed up on tests, the vet diagnosed the cat as “pissed off”.

With this particular cat I did agree with the vet that there was nothing physical, but I did not agree that we were dealing with a “pissed off cat”.  I told the client I was sensing that this cat was insecure, fearful, and nervous.  The client agreed saying the cat is often hiding.

I believed that the cat was sometimes too scared to go to the litter box because of too much noise, movement in the house which the client confirmed—teenagers, parties, etc.  After one healing session, the client noticed that the cat was more confident, playful, out and about more, and appearing more relaxed and happy.  Plus no more issues outside the litter box.  I truly believe this cat had emotional baggage from past trauma and needed a little help in letting go of those old fears.  I think we can all relate how fears/insecurities can get in the way of living life well.

Can you imagine what may have happened if the client had not called and continued to look at her cat as the vet had – “pissed off”.  The interaction would have been totally counterproductive.  And it’s highly likely that eventually the cat would have been put on drugs or given up

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