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Lucy’s health significantly improved

I most certainly can attest, and I’m pretty sure my cat Lucy would agree wholeheartedly, that Bonnie is truly gifted! Lucy, as you can see, is typically not one to turn down food, suddenly stopped eating, began to isolate, and was extremely lethargic. After several hundred dollars in veterinarian bills, medicine that was marginally helpful, and little conclusive direction from my vet, Bonnie worked wonders. Within five minutes of the initial consultation, Bonnie tapped into exactly what the vet’s (very expensive) tests had concluded: a touchy pancreas. Where Bonnie and the vet diverged is that Bonnie provided informative, patient guidance and a holistic approach. The next day, following the healing, Lucy had more energy, more affectionate, and interacting with me and Cooper (my other cat). Within one week, following Bonnie’s guidance regarding diet and discontinuing the prescription from the vet, Lucy’s health significantly and incontrovertibly improved!! Perhaps more importantly, Bonnie checked in with me every day, even on weekends, to ensure that Lucy was continuing to progress. It’s safe to say that Bonnie will be my first call when my cats are not themselves and I need sage wisdom, support, and intervention; I have no doubt Lucy (and Cooper) are thrilled with my enlightenment.

David Phelps

Milwaukee, WI

we were faced with putting him to sleep

Our senior Great Dane had emergency surgery for bloat. Despite excellent vet care, his recovery was hampered by weakness in his back legs. He was unable to get up on his own, and his legs collapsed while walking. We were faced with putting him to sleep, as it was difficult to get him up. After a healing session, he got up on his own. His strength continued to improve with each healing. He also seems calmer, more centered. He and our other Dane love the food Bonnie suggested. Thank you for giving him his mobility and saving his life.

Carol Longacre, M.D.

Westport, CT

Kuckaberry started to eat

My vet diagnosed Kuckaberry with kidney failure. I was instructed to give fluids under her skin every other day and was told I would have to do this for the rest of her life. It worked for the first week or so but then she was having nothing to do with me when I had the fluid bag and needle. I tried wrapping her in a towel which caused her to get even more upset. It was traumatic for both of us. She was also not crazy about the special kidney food the vet recommended and was eating very little. She lost quite a bit of weight so I brought her back to the vet. They gave her fluids and a different kidney diet food that she also did not like. At this point I decided to take the advice of a friend who recommended Bonnie. After one healing Kuckaberry was better. Bonnie recommended a different diet, and Kuckaberry started to eat like she had been starving. It has now been about six months and Kuckaberry is still doing well. She is back to her “old” spunky, happy and healthy self and I am much relieved! Thank you Bonnie!

Jennifer Starbright

Minneapolis, MN

he’s an entirely different dog!

Digby is an entirely different dog since your treatment.  Yesterday he jumped off our porch after a ball. I’ve NEVER seen him do that in his life.  He can go on long walks with no limping and no pain.  I can’t thank you enough.  Of course the vet was blown away when I told her about you.  She was skeptical, but your validation was right in front of her.

Sarah Cothran

Hudson, WI

I knew exactly who to call

Clyde, had nerve damage in his neck and back. After seeing two vets, we were told at the U of M Animal Hospital that surgery would alleviate the pinched nerve, but it would render him unable to completely turn his head. We contacted Bonnie. That was four years ago, and Clyde continues to be happy and healthy. Recently, we adopted Sally, a 9-year old dog displaced due to Hurricane Katrina. A holistic vet told us that she had irreparable liver damage and would not live more than a month. I knew exactly who to call. After one healing, Sally now has the energy of a puppy. I believe God works through people, and I know my dogs are alive today because of Bonnie’s special gift.

Michelle Burt

Prior Lake, MN

nothing seemed to be helping

Logan is a rescue horse who came to us emaciated and lame. One evening I found him flat out in the field. His breathing was raggedly, and he was not responsive. A fly crawled across his eyeball and he never moved. The vet felt he was in shock from acute pain in his feet (abscess). Nothing seemed to be helping. Logan was down and barely conscious for about three days. After the first session with Bonnie, he was laying with his front legs tucked along him with his chest and head up. The next morning he was standing! Bonnie did a few more sessions and each time he improved. Recently a visitor asked why Logan looks so much better than the other two horses who came to us the same time as they are given the same food, supplements, etc. as Logan. I told him that Logan had received energy work from Bonnie. He looked at me and said, ‘Well, you might want to have her work on the other two.’

Karen Barke

White Hall, MD

four vet visits and $700 later, they still couldn’t tell me what was wrong

My cat, Minuit, was vomiting and acting terribly ill. Four vet visits and $700 later, they still couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I feared it was ‘her time to go.’ I have had success with Bonnie’s work in the past on a behavioral issue for my cat and decided to call her. Bonnie immediately put me at ease which allowed me and the cat to relax. I immediately stopped taking Minuit to the vet as Bonnie told me Minuit was shaking (she literally was) and traumatized. After the first healing I could tell Minuit was feeling better and started to eat pet grass. After the second healing she started to eat food, which she hadn’t done for seven days. She is now purring and playful. I recommend Bonnie whenever I have the chance.

Lisa Eaton

Fort Collins, CO

without any clues, Bonnie described almost every symptom

Our 12-year-old lab, Sunny, was barking and panting continuously, was nervous and would not stay in a room by herself. Her arthritis was bad, and her hind end was shaking uncontrollably. She would also wake us in the middle of the night. The blood work showed nothing wrong; the vet stated that Sunny was aging quickly and probably would not be around for long. My doctor recommended Bonnie. Without any clues, Bonnie described almost every symptom. With a drastic diet change, three healing sessions, and no medications, I noticed within 8-10 hours that Sunny was improving dramatically. Sunny now walks with only a slight limp, is content on her own, only barks to be let out or when she wants to chase a bunny, and sleeps throughout the night. She is calm and like her old self. David and I (and Sunny) are very grateful. It’s like a miracle. Thanks, Bonnie.

David & Sherokee Ilse

Wayzata, MN

in awe and thoroughly relieved that we are not facing surgery and/or chronic pain

River, my 8 yr. cattle dog/mix, finds true happiness running in the woods which we’ve enjoyed all these years until she started limping. The Orthopedic Vet diagnosed a 2mm tear in her ligament. Surgery was recommended plus I was told that she would be dealing with chronic arthritis in the future, which could require anti-inflammatory drugs. My sister recommended I call Bonnie as her dog had benefited from Bonnie’s work. The night after the first healing session, River stopped limping for the first time in a month. After the second healing, two days later, she stopped favoring the leg altogether. Within 24 more hours, River was running in the woods again. I am still in awe and thoroughly relieved that we are not facing surgery and/or chronic pain. Thank you Bonnie for making us whole and happy again.

Tracey Oliveto

Chapel Hill, NC

the change is amazing

Our 12-year old Max was stiff, groaning and panting, eyes were gray, plus digestive issues. The change in Max is amazing! It’s his old body but inside is a new dog! With the healing work and diet change, Max is off drugs, no longer groans getting up or down, prances ahead of us on walks, and his digestion has improved. His coat and eyes are shiny, and he is happy and content. He is again showing interest in what’s around him. It’s wonderful to see. And the best thing, a woman on the street wanted to pet my ‘puppy’. She couldn’t believe it when I told her his age! She said he had a young look. And he does, despite his gray muzzle. He is alert and happy.

Cathie Parker

Bridel, Luxembourg

we contacted Bonnie out of desperation

Our 11-year-old Standard Poodle, Duncan, had suffered for years. His ailments were ear infections, anal gland issues, gas, and reoccurring pneumonia. He was often restless at night and would suffer with a terrible cough keeping us all awake. His veterinarians and specialized internists prescribed antibiotics throughout the years after a barrage of tests and procedures. Duncan is such a sweet and loving dog. It was hard for us to watch him decline while eating the hypoallergenic foods prescribed.

Bonnie explained what she saw as the root of all these problems, plus she noted stiffness in his lower back. We agreed saying that Duncan needed help going up the stairs. After one healing treatment, Duncan was able to walk the stairs on his own and with two other healings sessions all of his symptoms improved greatly. He’s thriving on the diet Bonnie recommended, and we’ve seen a happy return of our energetic dog. He interrupts his eating only to play a game of ball.

Jack and Pat Reid

Richmond, Virginia

I see the results and people around me see results

Being a nurse, people cannot believe that I would deviate from Western medicine. You have been helping my horse Lance since 2004. I see results and people around me see results. You cost less than it costs to reset Lance’s shoes, not to mention the thousands of dollars I have spent on vets who couldn’t give me the right answer. I understand why people are a little hesitant to contact you. It is all just too different. I remember when chiropractic was considered one step away from Voodoo.

Colleen Pahl

Minneapolis, MN

she plays more than ever and no longer wheezes

We contacted Bonnie to help our “mature” (15-year-old) Persian female–fondly known as Pookie–with reoccurring digestion issues. We had tried the vet’s diets and herbal pet medicines, which provided some results, but Pookie was still having digestive issues. She also had stiffness in her back legs or hips and an asthmatic wheeze whenever she ran or played. Bonnie’s healing skills and diet advice not only cleared up Pookie’s digestive issues but put the spring back in her legs! She plays more than ever and no longer wheezes. Thanks Bonnie!

Cindi & Bill Guion

Austin, TX

after one healing, she was energetic and absolutely no problem with the stairs

Over the years, Bonnie has helped our dogs. In 2008 I called Bonnie to help our 5 yr. old Hilde who was having difficulty with the loss of one of our dogs. Bonnie also noted a concern with her lower back. I had completely forgotten that I had carried her up the stairs twice lately and that she was favoring her right rear leg. After one healing, Hilde was energetic and absolutely no problem with the stairs. On our walks her steps are spry again, sometimes difficult for me to keep up. She has also given up searching the car several times a day to see if her companion has returned. Bonnie came through with flying colors in helping Hilde with her grief and her back problem. We are so very pleased and grateful to Bonnie for all that she has done for us over the years.

Peggy Shelton

Camden, SC

communicator said she was ready to die

An animal communicator talked with my 12-year old Husky, Keesha, saying she was ready to go and wanted assistance. I resigned myself to the end, but before putting her down, I called Bonnie. Bonnie worked with Keesha, and happily she improved. I’m grateful we gave energy healing a chance. Thanks Bonnie.

Note from Bonnie:
Laura intitally contacted me in January 2011. It is now eight months later. Laura emailed last week that Keesha is doing well, off all drugs, and they were about to go for a walk

Laura D'Ambrosia

Minneapolis, MN

our doberman is five years younger

Traci, our 12-year old Doberman, is wonderful since her two healing sessions! It’s like she’s 5 years younger. Everything about her is good. She’s no longer restless at night which used to wake us. She no longer needs medications for stiffness; even the fatty tumors are smaller.

Her eyes are bright, her coat is good, and she is energetic and happy. So yeah, she is showing great signs! I never doubted the healing would help, but wow are we blown away! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I feel like I am going to have the privilege of Traci in my life for a lot longer now.

Wendy Arnold

Petaluma, CA

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