This summer is the first time I’ve heard of this; first time I’ve had clients call saying their vet did a test which showed that their animal had been exposed to Lyme disease. Since I have not heard of this before, I am ASSUMING it’s a new test. Whether that assumption is correct or not, either way I would say the test is another tactic to push another drug.

Two clients called this summer telling me that their vet suggested this test, and both came back with the result that their dog had been exposed to Lyme. Both dogs had NO symptoms, yet because of this test result, both vets recommended that the dogs be given a “medicine” (drug). As I said, both dogs were happy, healthy and showing no symptoms, yet both dogs during the course of this so-called “medicine” got sick and now months later still having issues. And this is when I got the call from these two clients.

As you may know I prefer to be told NOTHING upfront about the animal’s condition. When these two clients contacted me, I “saw” the liver as the concern—the root of the symptoms for both dogs. When the client shared with me what happened regarding this test/medicine, it made sense to me why the liver was showing. The liver was working extra hard to clear out the toxins from this so-called “medicine—DRUG. With each client we work on the diet and did energy healing session to help the liver recover.

Please! If your animal is well, don’t give it a drug. Just because a test shows you or your animal has been exposed to some disease does not mean you need to take chemicals (drugs). It makes no sense to me. Just as you hopefully would not take an antibiotic or steroid if you had no symptoms. Maybe some day there will be a test that shows you were once exposed to a certain flu or the measles, etc. It does not mean you have to take something for it. Being exposed to something is NORMAL—the body deals with it which is what we do all the while we are alive—being healthy means being healthy enough to deal with things we are exposed to. You do not want to insult your system by taking needless drugs’

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