Spring is a wonderful time for all, especially our animal companions who are enjoying more walks, smelling, and peeing on new things.The joys of spring also give way to the concern of fleas.

We all want to protect our animal friends, and we are encouraged to be proactive by using products such as collars, sprays, powders, shampoos, dips, or a liquid product.As the TV commercial for a flea product states, “….show your animal you care.” As an animal healer, I am all for showing your animal you care but in a safe way.

Most of these products (if not all) caution, “Avoid contact with skin”. Skin is skin, whether your skin or your animal companion. These toxic chemicals are absorbed through the skin and by inhalation, plus animals are licking themselves and we are touching them.What’s not good for them is not good for us. Sometimes animals will have permanent hair loss on the area where treated or develop skin irritations.

Most vets will agree that it is usually animals in the poorest health that are most affected by fleas. As with us, if we’re in good health, we are able to fight off the hazards that are constantly around us. And, as with us, a good diet and exercise are important for the overall health for our animals.It is also helpful to avoid over use of antibiotics/drugs and repeated vaccines, which can attribute to a weaken immune system.

As an animal intuitive, I am often seeing animals getting sick after a round of vaccines or other drugs and flea/tick products are also full of chemicals. We have all heard how the increase use of antibiotics is contributing to it being less effective.A similar situation exists regarding fleas.The more we use these chemicals, the more fleas develop a resistance, becoming stronger.Plus the more you use toxic chemicals, the more weaken the immune systems can become which can attribute to your animal friend becoming more susceptible to fleas and other health concerns.

If you see a flea, it is often just that—a flea.It does not necessarily mean that your animal companion or your home is infested.Of course, if an animal is infested, drastic measures such as a dip may be needed.But for most of us, we are only trying to avoid fleas.The safest thing you can do is flea comb your animal every couple of days (do this outside), vacuum once a week, launder your animal’s bedding in hot, soapy water once a week and dry on maximum heat as heat will kill flea life in all stages, including the eggs.Try adding brewers yeast and garlic to their diet.These products are often available at pet stores.

One more thing, ants eat flea eggs and larvae.Enjoy your spring and the ants!

Wishing you and your animal friend a beautiful spring,


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