Last week Deb contacted me about her cat, Jingles. Deb had heard about me through an acquainctance of hers, and since nothing via the medical/vet world was helping Jingles, she decided to contact me for an Intuitive Reading & Healing for Jingles.

I advised her (as I do all clients) that I did not want to be told the symptoms upfront–that I first want to get what I can from the animal before healing from the human regarding the issues. During the initial consultation (Intuitive Reading), I was aware of pain in Jingles’ left shoulder. Deb explained that Jingles had been limping on the front left leg for quite some time. Even though it would seem that there was something wrong with the leg, I was certain that the root of the problem was that shoulder. I also “saw” that the pancreas was not functioning well, and Deb confirmed that by telling me that the symptoms were loose stools and vomiting. Deb also told me that Jingles would cry out at times as if in pain, had lost weight, and was pooping outside the litter box. Going outside the box is usually considered a behavioral problem by most, yet I often see it connected more to not feeling well.

About three hours after the first Healing for Jingles, Deb called to tell me that she was already witnessing that Jingles was feeling better. Jingles was out and about with the family and was moving better. It was evident to Deb that Jingles was feeling better. She said that Jingles appeared “longer”. I explained that often when animals are in pain, the body constricts. Once the pain is gone, the animal relaxes; hence, the body unfolds so to speak–loosens up; thereby, appears bigger or longer.

Since talking to Deb after the second Healing, Deb said that Jingles is no longer crying, is happy, has only pooped twice outside the box in the past week, and the limping has greatly decreased. It may take another Healing session for Jingles to heal completely, but at this point we”re just going to wait and see if Jingles continues to heal without the need of a third Healing. Everything has so greatly improved from where Jingles was at a week ago; we’re all feeling happy and confident that all is going to be well. It was so delightful to hear Deb talk about how happy and healthy Jingles is these days. I am so happy for both of them.

Be well, Bonnie Illies, Animal Intuitive Healer

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