What cannot be explained by a vet or proven by a medical test is often considered a behavioral/emotional issue for the animal.

Symptoms such as:
Pulling out fur
Excessive grooming
Crying/pacing at night
Excessive panting
Gulping/swallowing motion after a meal
Going outside the litter box
Fears such as hiding in closets, facing corners
Shivering/shaking/head nodding
Eating non-food items

As an animal intuitive for 11 years, I have found, more times than not, that these symptoms are not behavioral and that there is a physical (health) reason behind it.In these cases, the client often asks why the test results came back negative.Not everything shows up on a test.We all know situations where a person gets a clean bill of health, and the next week he experiences a heart attack or has cancer.

It can be a relief to receive negative test results, and yet the animal’s symptoms are apparent, proving there is something wrong. The situation can worsen, especially if it is being viewed as emotional/behavioral. Clients refer to me as an animal medical intuitive because I am not telling them what they already know (the obvious symptoms); instead I am telling them what is happening internally to cause these symptoms.

This holistic animal health care provides clients with answers and a way to help their animal companion.In addressing the root cause of the symptom, their animal companion is given an opportunity to recover.

Bonnie Illies


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