We all want to do what we can to keep our animal companions healthy; therefore, most people agree with their vets to do heart worm medicine. Yes, it can be a risk if you do not do this med, AND there can be a risk in doing it. It”s not an easy decision.

As an Animal Healer for the past 11 years and working with some clients” animals all these years, I have often seen where their animal friend is doing well after the healing work and diet changes, yet suddenly they’re having problems again. I will ask if the animal was recently re-vaccinated (as there are risks with that also) or if flea or heart worm meds were given. Often this will be the case. With the healing work we are able to get them back on track again.

All meds affect the liver and can cause adverse reaction. Healing work helps to get the body back to a healthy place versus administering another drug to address symptoms that came about after receiving a prior drug; i.e., vaccines, heart worm, flea/tick meds.

Be healthy,

Bonnie Illies, Animal Intuitive, Animal Healer

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