When people have told me that I’m a gifted healer, my response is, “The animals make me look good”. They let it in, respond, and don’t get their heads in the way with thoughts like, “Ohh, this is crazy; how can this work?” Over the years clients have said, “I’ve seen what you’ve done for my animal friend, can you help me?” Even though they would ask for a healing session, more times than not, they felt that they did not receive help from the session. I concluded that I’m not good at helping humans.

Then about two years ago I had several clients asking for healings not for themselves but a loved one. I told them of my dismal results with humans. Each of them were quite insistent as they were greatly concerned about their family member, so I agreed. The recipient was never told they were getting a healing nor the doctors.

The results were amazing—like it usually is working with animals. The recipients did not know they were receiving a healing, and I concluded that because they did not know they were able to receive versus being so in their head about it such as, is it working? I’m not feeling anything? How can this work? I don’t think it’ll work? I don’t notice anything…this is kooky.

Cases were:

  1. A daughter calls for a healing for her elderly mom hospitalized with a stroke. With each healing she improved. Of course the doctors were not aware of the healing work and kept saying that they were amazed that a woman at her age (80s) and the severity of the stroke as to how she could be recover and so quickly.
  2. A girl with mental issues could no longer talk–she was verbalizing but not making sense in that it was not words. Her step-dad contacted me asking if I could help as I had helped his dog the year before. He wanted his step-daughter to have some help until they could find the right mental health facility for her. After the first healing, he reported that she was talking and making sense.
  3. A client called for help with her 80-some year old mom who had a severe heart attack. The doctors did not think she would live especially as she had had several heart attacks previously. It’s been over a year, and the doctors have repeatedly said that they cannot believe she is still alive.
  4. A woman who suffered severe back issues for years and was no longer driving a car had also become depressed and didn’t want to do or go anywhere. Her daughters asked me to help, and we did three healings. With each healing the daughters were commenting that their mom was laughing which she hadn’t done in months, that she was driving and was motivated to do things again.

Healing energy–it does a body good–if the mind doesn’t get in the way!!!

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