Sharon, a client, in a small town in Oklahoma called to schedule a healing for her sister’s dog, Gandy. Sharon has a sanctuary—she cares for many animals and now she was concerned about her sister’s dog as well. Many of the animals at Sharon’s sanctuary have improved with the healings. She has told me, “You’re the first person I call”.  Although her sister is not open to this work, Sharon scheduled a session for Gandy because she knew it would be helpful.

Sharon had noticed during a recent visit at her sister’s that Gandy was having difficulty moving. Although he had been somewhat stiff over the past year, it had increased recently. But what really got Sharon’s attention was that Gandy was now also showing little interest in things around him.

A few days after the first healing, Sharon said she made a trip to her sister’s as she was anxious to see how Gandy was doing. He seemed happier and more energy. And though there was improvement, Sharon wanted to schedule a second healing. As Sharon said, “I so believe in those second healings”.

I agree–based on my eight years of experience with healing, the average number of healings to help animals heal/recover from emotional or physical ailments is two sessions. Most clients will notice a subtle improvement after the first healing, but it is usually the second healing that really seals the deal so to speak–where it is obvious to the client that their animal has recovered.

It was incredibly rewarding when again Sharon called a couple of days after the second healing to say that Gandy was running around when she visited the other day, and “He jumped up in his favorite chair which he hasn’t done in over a year!” Yea! Gandy.And “yea” to Sharon—what a gift she gave her sister and her dog, Gandy

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