‘I know a cat named Duchess in India!  Her “mom” Indrani contacted me because of her concern for Duchess’ epilepsy.  She also was aware that Duchess was acting fearful, withdrawn.  Fortunately, instead of doing drugs her friend Priya, who has worked with me for her rescue dogs, referred Indrani to me.\r\n\r\nWe did two energy healing sessions and discussed which proteins would be helpful.  It was evident to Indrani after the first healing that Duchess was feeling better—no longer tense looking/withdrawn.  And now over two months later–no seizures!!!!

A diagnosis is just a title; a title given to a set of symptoms.  And symptoms are rarely THE problem—it is about something internally out of balance.  Yes, drugs can possibly stop the seizures, but the stopping of the symptom is not the same as healing the root—the reason for the symptom.  And there are always ramifications for a body on drugs—toxic plus only suppressing symptoms.

People usually don’t like being on prescriptions and will often say they feel worse on the drugs than the original issue.  Animals don’t like being on drugs either.

Picture of cat Duchess:https://www.facebook.com/BonnieIlliesAnimalIntuitiveandHealer



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