I prefer NOT to be told what the issue with the animal is until I first have a chance to “see” what shows up to me; therefore, during the phone consult with Brooke in May 2011 for her then 8-year old dog, Roxy, I said kidney energy was weak.

I don’t recall, but I suspect Brooke (as with most new clients) said, or was thinking, “That’s not the problem” because what she was aware of/witnessing was not being mentioned by me.  Roxy was constantly, desperately seeking water.  Brooke said she couldn’t even take a bath without Roxy wanting to get in the bathroom to drink water from the tub; if it rained Roxy would want to lick the sidewalk.

I rarely see the symptoms (Roxy desperate for water); instead I usually “see” what is the root, what is causing the symptom.  And definitely kidney energy can have a bearing on water issues with the body.  Many animal lovers have witnessed their animals drinking more water, which is  usually connected with kidney issues.

Brooke had done extensive texts with vets and even went to the U of Minnesota where I am sad to say Roxy had to undergo what I consider cruel testing—it had something to do with  evaluating her after being deprived  water for an extended period of time…to the point of near dehydration.  All this stress for Roxy, all these  tests,  the money and no resolution.\r\n\r\nIt’s now over two years later, and after only two energy/healing sessions,  a change in Roxy”s diet, she is drug free and  continues to do well.*See Roxy and hear  Brooke”s take on this situation

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