For the past 11 years, as an Animal Intuitive & Animal Healer, I have been advising clients on the importance of diet and the concern regarding vaccinations and other chemicals given to our animals.

This past week a client forwarded an article that she received from a site called, Dogs4Life, that basically supports what I have been preaching to anyone who will listen to me. I cannot vouch for this site regarding their other material as I have not researched it, but I definitely agree with the following article:

Cancer in dogs is one of the biggest challenges to our dog”s longevity. Some studies show that as many as 50% OR MORE of dogs today will be impacted by or die of canine cancer.With the number being so high we decided to do some research and see if we could find out why and what could be done to reverse or stop this deadly trend in it’s tracks.

What we learned was a real head shaker. Here”s why. We learned that canine cancer may due to several factors such as suppressed immune systems from vaccines, diet, and environmental toxins.

And many of the factors contributing to canine cancer, such as those we just mentioned, exist because of things that we CHOOSE to do.

We choose to say yes to vaccinations, we choose the dog food our dogs eat, we choose to expose our dogs to certain environmental toxins in our home.

If this shocks you, I am sorry but these are the cold hard facts.¬†And, if you don”t expose your dog to these factors then we say hooray for you.

While there are many theories about the cause of cancer, research\ is telling us almost monthly about the impact of the choices we make on our health and longevity. The same thing holds true for Fido.

Eliminating the problems listed above will not guarantee that your dog won’t get cancer, but it will guarantee that his chances of avoiding cancer will be better as will his health overall

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