‘I’ve  been doing my work as an animal intuitive and animal healer  for over 11 years.  There has been many a time when I tell the client what I “see” as the concern for a health problem.  For instance, I may say that the liver shows up, and the client will respond with, “Oh, no that’s not the problem.  We’ve done all these tests at the vet’s and the liver is fine.”

My response is, “Not everything shows up on a test”. Using a recent case to illustrate my point, about a month ago a new client called from Canada.  As you may know, I prefer NOT to be told what the issue/symptoms are until AFTER I have had an opportunity to do the body scan/communication with the animal.  With this client’s cat I definitely got the impression that the cat was not feeling well and the kidneys were showing up.  When I shared this with the client, I was told that the tests done by the vet show no physical health issues.  The client was certain it was behavioral and explained how the cat had started peeing outside the box.
As you can guess, I replied with, “Not everything shows up on a test.”  I also shared with them that when the kidneys are not totally healthy; one of the ways that can show up is urinary infections, crystals, stones, etc.  Kidneys are the root of so-called urinary issues. Sometimes a client is very aware that something is physical wrong, even though test results are negative.

After two sessions (energy work), the cat was using her box AND the client became aware how much happier, playful the cat was.  It was then obvious to the client that their cat had not been feeling well prior to the sessions.  Sometimes clients don’t realize their animal has changed (due to not feeling well) until they are well again and are then reminded, “Oh, yea, I forgot, this how she used to be”.

Whatever the issue may be, please keep in mind that not everything shows up on a test.  Therefore, if your animal is having health concerns and the tests all come back normal, consider working with me to get clear if it’s something that is not showing up on a test or is it an emotional concern.  Please keep in mind that just because a test says that everything checks out fine—does not necessarily mean that that is indeed the case

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