Deb a client out East called a few weeks ago concerned about her 11 year-old dog, Coby.  She shared that for the past few months her dog was unable to jump on the bed or in the car.  And now it was at a scary place—he was unable to walk, and she could tell he was uncomfortable.

I was surprised to hear from her.  Surprised because  a year ago she called me for the first time for another elderly dog who had been sick for a very long time,  and though the healing work definitely helped him be more comfortable, he never totally recovered.  In my 15 years of doing healing work for animals, she is the only client to give  my work another try when they did not receive perfect results with their first animal with me.

We did one healing for Coby, and he  is running and playing!!!  Here is what Deb had to say about it.

“Yesterday Coby enjoyed the dog park and twice was able to jump up on the bed,  which he hasn”t done for some time. Coby was springing around and so happy! We are over the moon happy to see him happy and see Coby’s tail wagging…SWEET!

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