‘The national news reported this week that cats are bird killers.  Living on this planet requires that every one of us is eating something or someone, and cats do eat birds.  My interpretation of this national news report was that the number of birds killed by cats has increased.  If that interpretation is correct, I then question this news report.

If the bird population has decreased I do not believe it is due to cats.  With people living closer to each other, along with more city ordinances regarding roaming dogs and cats, more cats live indoors than they did 50 years ago or less.  With more people there is more pollution, including chemically-treated lawns and fields.

The grass, bugs, and worms are affected by these chemicals, which in turn will affect the health or lack of health for birds. You and I may prefer organic foods, but birds in neighborhoods with beautifully manicured lawns or in the country with conventional farmers’ fields containing chemicals do not have an organic section to dine.

After a lawn is treated a dog is to “stay off”.  Has any one told the birds?  Birds are not only walking on these lawns but also eating worms and bugs affected by the chemicals.    There are lawn-treating vehicles that display a dog on their van in an attempt to give us the message that a nice lawn and beautiful dog get along.  They may want to show a bird on their truck to convince us that birds are also safe.

Dog, bird, worm, or person—we are all affected by these chemicals.  I believe the use of chemicals have increased more than the number of roaming cats.  I believe chemicals kill more birds than the cat.  I hope next week the news will report about these chemicals affecting birds and dogs who frequent those lawns, and affects all of us including our soil, water, and air.

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