As an Animal Healer for 15 years I have been urging clients not to re-vaccinate. To continue to do so breaks down the immune system. Most vets cannot afford to keep their doors open without that income from vaccines, but nor can most bodies afford to have these chemicals injected repeatedly.

And if a vaccine is necessary, it should NEVER be given if the animal is not well. Yet often a new client whose animal is severely ill will tell me that yes, not only have they been re-vaccinating per their vet”s strong urgings, but even recently gave their animal a vaccine when seeing the vet for the health issue which has now worsen and they are calling me. They will say that the vet said, “As long as you are here, let”s do the vaccines”. Wrong! never give vaccines to anyone (human or animal) who is not well.

Recently a new client from Romania contacted me for her cat who was diagnosed by the vet in November with Kidney Disease and was strongly urged then in December when she was there for another appointment to do the vaccines. Here is what she emailed me about this as she now knows differently. I’m hoping her words will help save others. Thank you.

“(my cat) was vaccinated yearly till getting the diagnosis of kidney diseaseĀ (past November); and in December the vet insisted that she gets vaccinated again (“to protect her” !!!!); since at that time I did not know anything about the real problems related to vaccination (and since she always got vaccinated !), I agreed… I am so ashamed. As well as for all the other heavy allopatic treatments she had all these years… Now I would not do it again.. At least she will get no other vaccination from now on.

You cannot imagine how I feel because of all the harm I did to her; she is my most precious friend and companion, and I did not know how to treat her, and she got so ill because of me. It is so difficult to bear this. You really, really cannot imagine how I love her and how I feel about her illness. I would do anything, anything for her feeling better.”

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