On this  sunny Saturday morn,  I remember all those who are not at peace as they and/or their animal friends are in need.  May this entry bring some answers and resolution  to those in need of this information as cancer is a big word.

A  new client often calls after months, if not years, searching for help from conventional and alternative vets.  This is a taxing ordeal for their animal friend (and the checkbook).  Vets often mention it may be cancer when symptoms continue. In dealing with such cases, I find cancer extremely rare.  In the 15 years of doing this work and thousands of cases, there have been less than 10 cancer cases.

For your animal’s sake, allow me to stress:

If nothing has helped your animal, it does not mean mean cancer Latest such case: Jerry from California called this fall for his three-year old dog, Charlie, who for the past three years (yes, his entire life) suffered with severe digestion problems. Nothing helped, therefore, vets questioning if it was cancer resulting in Charlie enduring a colonoscopy–twice.

Jerry Kornher writes: “Our dog, Charlie, has suffered all these years with digestion problems—-diarrhea, gas, burping, vomiting, and not eating well.  We’ve worked with vets and alternative practitioners and tried different drugs, supplements, diets, herbs, etc.  After two healing sessions with Bonnie, Charlie is off medications, herbs, and Charlie is doing well.” Jerry’s children called him at work the other day to say, “Charlie’s playing!” which no one had seen Charlie do in years

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