Christie in Indiana is great friend of the animals.  She has numerous animals in her home plus feeds feral cats that hang out in her area.  I have had the privilege of helping several of her animal friends.  Most recent is a cat who lives in her home who has been diagnosed with cancer.  I always tell clients that my success rate is very low when it comes to cancer.  The animal often feels better after a healing session, BUT they still have cancer.

I did a healing for Christie”s cat yesterday, and when I heard that her cat was not eating, I suggested that she back off or stop the pain meds.  Today she emailed saying that her cat was eating a little today.   As I replied to Christie, we don”t know if her cat showed interest in eating today because of the healing session AND/OR because of stopping the pain meds.  Either way, we all feel better seeing our loved ones eat!

As I have written before in a previous blog, often the animal feels worse on the drugs.  Now, of course, as with most things in life, this may not be the case 100 percent of the time.  But it is something to consider when an animal is no longer eating.     Ideally you will be working with me to help gauge if this is the proper thing for your animal, or you may be able to see if after stopping the meds if your animal starts eating OR  is showing signs of distress because of pain.  Again, nothing is true 100 percent of the time, but I have definitely seen it in my work, where an animal will actually start eating the day after stopping the pain meds.

Just as you and I may have pain but we don”t always do a drug because of it.  And some of you may have actually experienced what some of these animals are–that the pain meds make you feel queasy.

Health to all

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