The first time I heard from Susan was in 2010.  Susan was concerned about her 19-year old cat, Turbo, who was having digestive issues.  We were able to help Turbo, and consequently, I did not hear from Susan for a couple of years.

When Susan called earlier this year, Turbo was not moving nor was she eating.  Naturally, Susan was scared; naturally she and her friends were convinced that Turbo was dying as Turbo was now 21 years old.  My brain started to go there also.  This is one of the challenges of my work—the brain is good for many, many things, and it can get in the way of the truth.

As I worked with Turbo, what was showing up was her back/spine.  Usually one or two healing sessions is the norm, but this situation required three healings to get Turbo back on track, or should I say, back in alignment.  With each healing Susan saw improvement which was assuring to her (and her friends) that Turbo’s symptoms were about her back and not about dying.

Now six months later Susan called this past weekend stating that Turbo did not want to be touched, barely moving, and when she would try to walk, she was “wobbly”.  Susan was concerned that Turbo was dying.  Who could blame her as Turbo is now 22 years old.    My brain, of course, considered she may be right.  And yet, as I checked in with Turbo what showed up was again the spine.  This time with just one healing, Turbo is back!

After the session Susan happily reported that Turbo now wanted to be touched, returned to sleeping with Susan and was again walking. Walking for Turbo is not what it was even a year ago.  She moves slowly.  Susan is grateful to see her beloved Turbo able to get up and move again, and although Turbo moves slowly, Susan recognizes that her cat is the equivalent of a 100-year old person.  No one at that age is going to be bouncing along.  As I told Susan, Turbo is doing great considering that most humans at her age would be using a cane, a walker or possibly a wheel chair.

Often a new client calls convinced their animal companion is ready to die.  This is usually due to:-Their animal friend has been sick a long time.   Their condition is worsening -Nothing has helped them recover Animal communicator told them that their animal is “ready to go”

Just because traditional or alternative vet care has not helped your animal friend does not mean the situation is hopeless.  And cases where the client tells me that an animal communicator said he was ready to go, those animals recovered also.  What an animal “feels” is not necessarily the truth.  Just as I have felt like dying a few times myself, but once I was doing better, I also felt differently about dying.

I shudder to think what would have happened if Turbo had been taken to a vet clinic.  Besides the stress of a car ride and vet visit, there would have been tests to endure.  There is a big possibility that the vet would have diagnosed the “wobbly” walk as a possible brain tumor, stroke, or cancer.  It is common for a client to tell me that that is what the vet is thinking.  I no longer get nervous when I hear these things because since 1998

I have been doing this work and have found that it is extremely rare that this is true.

And let’s say if Susan had gone to the vet and Turbo was diagnosed correctly regarding the spine, I suspect the only recommendation would have been pain medication or a steroid.  These drugs would be difficult for Turbo’s aging liver and kidneys to process which in turn could lead to other health issues.

If Turbo at 100 human years is able to recover, consider how many animals that have been put down prematurely due to not receiving help that could benefit them.  There is more to healing than drugs, tests, surgery, and even supplements and herbs as often they are not the right fit for the animal as the entire picture of what is happening to animal is misunderstood.  You and I can speak up and say that it’s my back that hurts or that the drugs make me feel worse, but animals are at the mercy of their caretaker to find the right answers and modality to help them heal.

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