What a great way to start the day–two clients called this morning to say that their pet was feeling better. I never get tired of hearing about the joys of a client who is seeing their animal heal. Over the past seven years working as an Animal Intuitive & Healer, I have the pleasure of helping animals with health and behavioral concerns. There is great satisfaction in helping both the animal and the humans they live with.

Often what looks like a serious concern can so easily be turned around with a good diet and understanding what is at the root of the problem. Nothing is going to heal if you”re only treating the symptoms. As an intutive I will “see” what organs are not functioning well or where there is joint pain, etc. Often I do not “see” the symptom; i.e., I will “see” that there is a blockage in the left side of the spine yet the client believes it”s the back left leg because their dog is limping. Often–too often–the symptom is just that–a symptom and not the root of the problem.

One of the two clients who called this morning saying their dog was better had been concerned because they were aware that their dog was lethargic and more alarming was that he was “leaking”–incontinence. As I did the energy work (healing), I could “see” that there was a blockage in the spine. And most of us know, nerves need to be able to send signals to our body… What a wonderful way to have the animal heal–releasing that blockage versus surgery or drugs which would be focusing on the bladder as the problem; consequently, causing other potential health concerns.

Be well, Bonnie’,

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