I suspect most of us animal lovers are often overwhelmed with all the abuse and concerns for animals in this world. One way to help animals is to support organizations that are dedicated to helping animals. One of those organizations that I appreciate is the Doris Day Animal League. Being a member gives you a way to make your vote known. As a member, they regularly send their members petitions addressed to your senator or representative regarding legislation for animals. All I have to do is sign and date it, and return it an envelope that they provide. It’s so easy…I can be contacting my representatives without the hassle of finding out who they are, calling or emailing them.

Currently they are working on legislation regarding the antifreeze bill—addressing concerns about the toxicity for the environment. And I fear we have all heard of stories where animals have died from licking antifreeze.

If you want to support legislation regarding animals but have difficulty writing or calling your representatives, then being a member of the Doris Day organization can make it easy for you. You will also receive a publication,Animal Guardian, from them quarterly. Call 202.546.176l.

Be well, Bonnie

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