‘This blog post is written by Cherryll Zemien about her dog Tia Maria:

My boyfriend and I have a 9-year old Yorkie, Tia Maria. The first part of June she got very ill. My boyfriend had just come back from a walk with her and called to me to come look at her. She was staggering like a drunk and had just thrown up. I called the vet and brought her in. She was having another bout of pancreatitis, and one of her liver enzymes was elevated. Tia in the past has had many ear infections, her eyes had a lot of matter in them, limping, itching,…..you name it.

The vet had her for two days on IV and she seemed better; two weeks later she had a rabies shot and about four days later she started getting sick again. She would eat grass like a little goat and throw up, eat grass, and throw up. Her stools were loose, her breathing seemed labored and her stomach sounded like World War II. I was very concerned for her. I brought her back to the vet; they checked her out and blew me off. I was so frustrated; I told my sister what was going on and she told me that she was afraid if I didn’t do something , I might lose her. 

She suggested Bonnie Illies a friend of hers who is an animal healer. All Bonnie wanted to know was the breed and how old she was. Bonnie was quiet for awhile and when she started talking she told me every issue Tia had. It was amazing. Bonnie put Tia on a special diet and did two healings. Today Tia is doing a lot better; even the groomer commented on how well Tia looked commented on her ears being clear, no irritation, her eyes are clear, her coat is shiny.

This has been an amazing experience working with Bonnie. THANK YOU SO MUCH BONNIE, Cherryll & Tia


Picture of them on June 2 post https://www.facebook.com/BonnieIlliesAnimalIntuitiveandHealer

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