Buy loose catnip and put a handful in a sock. Cats love chewing on a sock with catnip. This is less costly than catnip toys plus you can easily change out the catnip when needed to be refreshed.

As the cat will be playing, chewing with this sock, please close off the sock by knotting the sock. Do not use a rubber band or some form of a twisty to avoid the cat from swallowing the foreign object. I would also suggest a white, cotton sock as colored socks have been dyed, and we don”t want your cat chewing on chemicals

A dog loves nothing more than a walk. Even if you have a large yard, most dogs still prefer a walk. It would be similar to us preferring a walk through the neighborhood versus running around a track. They will enjoy the exercise of a run with new sights and smells.

To all of you with animal companions, no matter what the species, consider what they love to do. And above all else, dedicate time focused fully on them if only for five minutes as this can be the most loving action. We all appreciate someone who is truly present with us…and it can be the best present.

I have been working with all kinds of animals that are experiencing health or behavioral issues. Exercise is always an important part of health.

Be well, Bonnie

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