‘Happy Friday to all, and those of you not in Minnesota, just a note that it”s snowing here.  Though I would prefer not to  shovel, I admit that my evergreen trees are beautifully decorated in the new, white snow.

In case you are not on my e-newsletter list, I want to share what I”m sending out today as I believe it is important to acknowledge that sometimes animals, even when they”re in a good home, may still need help with emotional blockages. I often liken it to post-traumatic stress in that the situation/environment is safe AND yet they cannot take it in enough to enjoy and be free.  So here is what I want to share with you:

Becky contacted me about Abby, their 14-year old dog, who has had an on-going health issue for years.  Though our goal was to help Abby physically, often emotional healing can also occur as it did for Abby.  After two healings Abby is doing better physically.  Abby is also doing better emotionally.  In an email this week,

Becky writes:“Abby has always slept with us BUT at the foot of the bed, never touching us.  Abby would sit on a couch with us, BUT never right next to us touching. Since you”ve worked with her, I noticed she sits or lies right next to our leg touching us or puts her front legs/paws on our laps. Before, if I attempted to pet her or get too close, she would 9 times out of 10 move. Now she just sits or lays there and lets me pet her…it”s really been a cool shift and wanted to let you know.”       -Becky Nelson, Minneapolis, MNDuring this month of Valentine’s Day, I wish all to be “in” love like Abby is now free to be

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