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Flea – Tick Remedies

Twenty years of doing animal healings, the bulk of business is due to animals sick due to liver and/or kidney issues.  Often when I tell the client that I am "seeing" the liver and/or kidney as the problem, they will tell me, "oh no that's not why we are calling...

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Treat Pet Pain with Animal Healing

Animal Healing is a great alternative to treat pet pain...just as a client did for her 11-year old dog with numerous health issues such as digestion issues, breathing, wheezing, licking paws, blood in stools.  After years of vet visits and drugs, this alternative...

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Pet Healer – Heal Pet Alternative

As an animal intuitive and pet healer,  I often see how numerous illnesses and symptoms are connected.  This is truly a holistic approach--alternative method to heal and when a body is in balance, it can heal itself.  Often a client will think their animal has...

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Animal Urinary Infections Heal with Alternative

Chronic animal conditions such  urinary infections require alternative approach to heal pet.  As animal intuitive I "see" what is creating the infection which is what needs to be addressed versus doing drug treatment to eliminate the infection.  A condition that is...

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Animal Pet Healer Offers Alternative Liver Diet

Heal pet with diet change?  Yes, and as an animal intuitive and pet healer I always discuss pet food often recommending alternative diets to that of the vet or pet store.  Each diet is specific to the animal and his needs. Last fall I worked with a dog in Texas where...

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Dog’s Back Issues Healing Through Energy Healing

Last week I shared that a long-time client gifted a healing for her brother's dog who was having back problems.  I thought you might appreciate an update.  Her brother's dog, Jennifer, in S. Carolina is 14 years old and was having difficulty with...

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Animal Energy Healing For All Species

Sometimes people think I only do animal energy healing for dogs and cats.  Yes, dogs and cats are popular with my work as most people have one or the other.  I've worked with horses, rabbits, birds, pet rat.   All living creatures can benefit from this alternative...

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Client Gifts Animal Healing Session

Long-time client Peggy called this morning asking my help for her brother's dog.  She's seen the amazing results from animal healings for her dogs over the past 15 years and wants to introduce this work to her brother.  Her brother's dog fell and has lost strength in...

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Animal Energy Healing

Almost 20 years of helping animals!!!   I cannot believe it...    1,000's of animals have recovered with the help of energy healings.  Most new clients do not call until ALL else fails; they will say, "You're our last hope" or "My animal is at death's door".  It'd be...

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